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What is clavesegura.org?

This web site is simply an easy way to generate secure passwords To use on various websites, online stores, or any other place where you can Need a key. The system allows you to choose the type and length. It is especially advisable to create a easy to remember password, using an algorithm that chooses fragments of random words from the Internet, generating a unique and easily memorable password.

What's the use?

It is not a good idea to use your date of birth, anniversary or your dog's name as passwords. They are easily deciphered by a little social engineering. In clavesegura.org you will be able to obtain a solid independent password like a rock.

The importance of using a proper password

According to recent reports, 80% of attacks due to pirates or hackers have been used for unsafe or stolen passwords. To defend oneself, it is highly recommended to have secure passwords, indecipherable if possible. These passwords are created by combining letters, numbers and symbols and are even more secure if they are unique, i.e. if they are not used in more than one place.

The five most used passwords

Although these tips are well known, users still use very weak passwords. Sometimes they are so little elaborate that they can be decrypted almost by deduction. Some of the most common are these:

1 – 123456. Although it seems incredible, it is the most used password in the world according to the ranking of 2017. It is a tremendously insecure key and any pirate is able to break it.

2 - Password. The word 'password' is another one of the most used expressions to protect Web services. Its fragility is also very high.

3 – 12345678. A slightly more elaborate, but equally insecure variant. Never use numbers alone: try to combine them with letters and symbols.

4 – QWERTY. The first five letters of the keyboard are a classic in the passwords. It's equally fragile.

5 – 12345. The first five numbers are also often employed. It's even weaker than the eight-figure series we've seen before.

These 'classic' passwords are very easy to violate: birthday dates, dates of birth of children, places of birth, nicknames, names of your pets... Using all these ephemeris or mnemonics rules to generate the keys is a big mistake.

If you use a key similar to these, beware: they may have stolen you. You can find out if it has been so on a website that tells you if your password has beencompromised.

Activating two-factor authentication

One way to improve password security, in addition to using a password generator, is to enable two-factor authentication (2FA). This procedure is that the service or product combines the password with a code that is sent to the mobile phone and that must be inserted to access.

This mechanism is very safe, because the strength of the password adds the need to also have the code received to be able to open the product. This makes things almost impossible for pirates: In addition to finding the key, they must pirate-or steal-a mobile phone.

It is a system that already uses many services, such as online banking, cloud computing systems, criptocurrencies, domain registration companies, government organizations, payments platforms, social networks or electronic commerce.

Combining a password generator with two-factor authentication is one of the few ways to be absolutely sure that our data is safe in a Web service.

Some tips and good practices for your passwords

  • Don't use the same password for everything, use a different one for each service.
  • Change the passwords every so long.
  • Enables two-factor authentication if service allows. This will send a message to your mobile phone to access your account.
  • Don't tell anyone your password, or write it in a post-it.

The greater the length of your password, the more secure is. It is recommended that you have at least 8 characters in length. Ideally, more than 10.

Do you keep my password or some kind of information about me?

The generated passwords are random and unknown for us; we don't need to store any kind of information about your visit. There is only one statistical system for visiting control, Google Analytics. The generated passwords are never persisted.

Terms of Use

This web is just a help to create more secure passwords, but It does not guarantee your total security. Choosing a password is your responsibility, and this website is not responsible for the consequences of improper use.